Thursday, May 7, 2009

Not So Typical Tourist

We both bought City Of Rocks hats. Lynnette finally put hers on for a picture.

Twilight Picture.

I tried most every night to get a great sunset picture. I never got the one I wanted. This is a good maybe twilight picture.

Lynette & Buttons

Lynette had a couple of personal leave days she needed to use before school gets out. So we went for our first camping trip of the year. We have never camped before middle of May. I suppose you could call it camping. The campground was all paved & even the spot for your trailer. Full hookups & running water in the bathrooms. This was like The Sheraton to us.We went to City Of Rocks for the third time this year. We have actually been there in four of the five months thus far this year. We have plans for a Sharpshooters Photography Club field trip – camping trip in early June. Hopefully a family outing in July.

Massacre Rocks.

The first night we just spent the night a rest stop at Massacre Rocks. We could have gone on to City Of Rocks, but I though it would be fun to stay here. It was close to sunset time when we got there. So first thing I did was head towards the river. The sunset wasn’t as great as I wanted, but it was so peaceful & beautiful overlooking the river it didn’t matter. There is a state park at Massacre Rocks but we went for the freebee rest stop.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Fouth Day Of Spring

If you are wondering what happened to the third day of spring….well it’s a long story. To sum it up we went to Pebble Creek& had fun playing with the dogs. After we got home we realized we left Mandy at Pebble. Alls well that ends well. So the fourth day of spring we went to Shoshone Falls It was about a 3-hour drive to Twin Falls & 2 hours wait to go the last couple miles down to the falls itself. Due to the large snow pack they are draining the upper Snake River Reservoirs to make room for the spring runoff. So the falls is at a record level. It doesn’t last very long, so everybody drives from Boise & Georgetown to Twin Falls to see it.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Second Day Of Spring.

. Today, the Second Day Of Spring. we went from Soda Spring to Logan by way of Grace. The other picture I posted of the horse was taken on the previous trip that way, a couple of weeks ago. After leaving Logan we stopped in the canyon by the river & let the dogs play. It was a fantastic day considering it snowed all day yesterday. Once we were back in Gods Country I had to stop to take a picture of Bear Lake. I told Lynette I was going to go take a picture. She thought I was just going to stand by the road to take the picture. Well I had to walk towards the water down the beach for quite a ways. The water level is still way down. When I got back she said I was gone fifty-three minutes.

One Horse Town

My blog is much different than most blogs. Most people post pictures of their 6.3 kids on their blog. Most people don’t live near Gods Country to take scenic pictures. This was a picture I took several weeks ago. We stopped to take a picture of a buzzard feasting on road kill. Just across the street was this photo opportunity.